About TS

At this time Team Stance is only for Trucks, Jeeps and SUVs

Team Stance is more than just a virtual Truck/Jeep/SUV club. We are a rapidly growing, nation-wide gathering of enthusiasts with a passion for all aspects of the custom vehicle world, and supporting each member’s style and STANCE. We support each other during our builds, “crew up” and go to truck shows together via our SHOW Page, and crew members also enjoy access to our selection of TS gear (only members may purchase gear!).

Team Stance has 4 membership levels

  • PROBY: 90 day probation period to ensure not only is Team Stance right for the new member but that the member is active in the team and actively building their rig.
  • CREW Member: full members with full access to discounts and gear.
  • SPONSORED Crew member: responsible to lead their regions – organize meets – lead the entire TS team via our “board room style” approach and offered intense discounts on most Custom Offsets products.
  • LEGENDS: Only the Elite builds will reach this level. Team Stance is all about family, friendships, hanging out and building trucks and hitting shows and meets. LEGENDS is all about trucks, our team’s top builds will be showcased here.

Anyone with a Truck/Jeep/SUV and a passion for their build can JOIN Team Stance as a PROBY. Over time, Crew Members will be invited to join the Sponsored Crew via special invitation from the existing Sponsored Crew members. Crew members hang out on a private FB page and we also have a publicĀ FACEBOOK PAGE. Sponsored members are invited to a private sponsored member FB page, given killer discounts on all Custom Offsets accessories, the honor of wearing the TS grill emblem, and often our vendors will offer sponsorships to these members to promote their products!

We do not have rules or select sponsored members based on style, bank roll or the look of your current build… we just look for people that truly love their truck, jeep or suv and live by Your Style, Your Stance. Participation and being active on the FB page and IG tags are very important, but going to shows and hanging with members is also a great way to get sponsored!!

STANCE, is also the name of our mascot. He is a Pit Bull Terrier and chosen for both his wide bodied stance and also his determined attitude.

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stance the pit