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  4. Hey guys my name is AJ, I’m from northeast Pennsylvania alittle town called Jermyn, I’m excited to be apart of this group. I have a 2012 f150 FX4. I have a passion for my truck and to keep making it my own! Can’t wait to meet some of you! Thanks my Instagram is @artiewormuth 

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  9. What’s up guys? I am Joshua McClinton. I have been building my 2000 Ford F-250  since I was 15. It has been in my family since the day it rolled out of the factory and I worked my tail off for it in my dads construction business. It started off with some 265s! I am now, over the years, running a 1.5 year old “new” lift ( the old one failed me) of a total of 12.5 inches from icon vehicle dynamics with a set of badlands and 40×14.50×20 super swamper m16s. I will be a college graduate here in December and I begin my career of a auto diesel technician at UTI Orlando in May of 2017. I have always had a passion of building trucks and I can build a vehicle and not eat that is how passionate I am. Once I found this group of guys I have been hooked  I have seen every YouTube video in just the last two weeks.i just knew I had to be a part of this group. People around me don’t understand the life of customization and y’all do!  I have a lot more planned to do to the my truck. I have a bunch of goodies just waiting to be installed. Unfortunately I have to wait until December to get to install them. I will post pictures of my build and a better description on the Facebook page once I am accepted. I am finally glad to be at home with a bunch of guys/gals like me! Thanks TeamStance!

  10. Hey guys very excited to join up. Look forward to talking to everyone I have a 2011 f150 I’ve got a few mods done already I’m from central New Jersey my Instagram name is @austincoll. 

  11. Hey guys, my name is Mason hall and I am from Yakima, Washington. Reppin the NorthWest! I joined team stance 3 days ago and I am already hooked. I have a 2011 Chevy Silverado 1500 with a few mods on it but wheels, tires, lift are next!! I can’t wait to share my time with this group of badass individuals! 

  12. I’m Going!

  13. Hi my name is will Casey I have a 2006 Chevy Tahoe with a 4″ tuff country lift and 33 pro comp tire. I am happy to say I just joined team stance and can’t wait to see where this will take me

  14. Hey guys my name is Taylor Gardner. I drive a 2015 Chevy Silverado 1500 with a 6″ rough country lift on 35″ Toyo tires and 20″ XD wheels. I’m looking to do a lot of aftermarket features to this truck and trick it out as much as I can. I’m glad I joined Team Stance!

  15. Hey I’m beau I drive a 02 dodge Cummins 4″ lift with ballistic 18″ rims with 35.12.50 nitro trail grapplers just finish this buil and I hope y’all enjoy it and I like all of team stance builds and hope to see more follow me on Instagram @bthack54 and I hope to meet all of yall

  16. Hi name is dan remarcik I rock a 2001 Ford f150 on 6″ of lift and 315. Hopping to get new rims and tires soon. Truck is getting ready for summer and ready for shows. Glad I joined ts

  17. Hey everyone my name is Kyle Marchiafava, just joined Teamstance and was up at the shop last weekend hanging out with some of the crew, some awesome people can’t wait to see what’s in store for summer!!

  18. I’m so glad to be a part of this team! My name is Hailey Kiser, and I’m from Charlotte, NC. I can’t wait to see what Team Stance has got in store for me! Thanks again!

  19. Hey everbody names cody just got accepted onto team stance have a 97 k1500 follow me on instagram @Project_big_green. Thanks for letting me into this great family really appreciate it and looking forward to the memories

  20. Whats up guys I’m @Diesels.Gone.Wild or @Z666G Give me a follow! Excited to be apart of Team Stance!(:

  21. From Rochester, MN. I drive a 2006 ford f150. I’ve had it for 3 years now but have recently done a ton of mods to it in the past 8 months. There are more to come. I’m big into fishing and bbq. Love smoked meats. I’m pretty much a open book so if you have any questions just ask.

  22. Hey Guys! Glad to be apart of the TS family. I have been following the group for a good long time and finally felt ready to join. I drive a Bright Green OBS. My Instagram is @SixFive_Sam if you are interested in seeing some pictures. I live in a small town of Delta, OH but I commute to the University of Toledo majoring in marketing and professional sales. Feel free to give me a follow and don’t be a stranger.

  23. Hey Guys! I’m glad I finally made the move to join he TS family! I drive an 05 f150 and I’m from Stevenson, AL! My Instagram is @tdmx18 feel free to give me a follow! I work at the North Alabama Electric Co-op and I’m also a college freshman, majoring in engineering. My build will never end, so watch as it continues to transform!

  24. Hey everyone, I’m Justin Ruiz from Waltham, Massachusetts and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of such a kick-ass group. A little about me, I’m 19 and a Union Electrician out of IBEW Local 103 in Boston. I drive a 2013 F150 FX4 Extended Cab, and I have big plans for it. All hobbies come with a price though, that’s the killer! I don’t have much experience in the mechanical aspects of trucks, but I’m hoping to learn! I don’t currently have a Facebook or an Instagram but I’m going to set them up in the next couple of days! Any other members out in Massachusetts? Great to meet you guys and I can’t wait to further my build and get to know the group!

  25. Well guys I just joined Team Stance today and I must say. I’m quite ecstatic to be part of such a great group of people! I’ve meet quite a few of yall on Facebook. But figured I’d come here to meet more of yall! Ima good ole country boy outta north Florida. I’m a welder by trade. And just like having a good time!!!

  26. Hey guys how’s it going I met a good amount of people on Facebook already but for thoughs of you who who I haven’t met I’m Gabe I have a 6.0l powerstroke you can see plenty of pictures of it on my Instagram @whitelightnin01 thanks and looking fwd to my future with team stance! 

  27. Hey.. What’s going on guys. I have recently joined the team stance.. And so proud I can be apart of one of the largest growing truck family’s there is.. I live in a small town called Inverness ms.. I drive 18 wheelers and haul live fish around the state.. My build is a 2012 Chevy 1500. Jet black have done a lot of modifying to my build and have so much more to come.. Follow me on insta.. @matt_maloney1993

  28. What’s up guys, finally decided to joint TS after seeing what a great community it is! I’m Drew and I’m from Marietta GA. I’ve got a 2011 duramax that I am constantly adding to. Looking forward to meeting some folks on here and learning from other people and helping out where I can. I’m and active member of duramaxforum.com and gmfullsize.com  as well as on Instagram @d.hard11. Look forward to spending lots of time on here as well!

  29. Hey yall glad to finally be apart of this awesome group! I’m just a small town guy from Coweta, Oklahoma. I Weld for a living and most of my money goes to my truck! Glad to be able to continue my truck build with a great group! Thanks for readin yall! And also follow me on Instagram @Project_money_slut I’ll follow back!

  30. Howdy, Just joined all the way from Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar. I was going to Join just before I deployed but got tied up with getting ready for Deployment. Anyways, Names Goose Bellows, from Florida but stationed/living in Louisiana. I have a 01 F250 Platinum Superduty 7.3L. My Two Good Buddies Ben Deachin and Blake Goodlet are already members and we are always doing all our truck Shenanigans together so here I am. Also a special thanks to Stephen Rhyne for helping me get set up. Glad to be a part of this group and looking forward to the future with Team Stance.

  31. Hey what’s up guys! Just joined team stance and I’m pumped to be part of the family! I’m riding in a 2014 F150 4×4 with the Ecoboost. Idaho is my home but since joining the army as a diesel mechanic I now live in Hawaii. Any questions let me know! IG: @slaughterseantgb

  32. hey guys, new to this group, zach lev has been bugging me to join so I finally decide to give in and join. A little about myself and my ride, I drive a 2008 ford f150 lariat lifted on 35s, i won’t name everything but I’m sure you’ll see it in pictures, I live in fort mcmurray alberta just trying to make a living and spending money on truck parts. My Ig : joeldesjardins15, Cheers guys!

  33. Hey yall i just joined and couldbt be more excited! My names justin and I drive a 2012 ford f150 ecoboost.  I’m located in west virgina. Feel free to follow me on instagram @project_ecobeast I’ll follow back. I love to see other builds/customizations and also feedback on my own build. 

  34. Hey guys,Amanda Monroe, @roebpats_ , has been trying to convince me to join and I finally did. I’m new to Virginia and military like everyone is in the Hampton roads area of Virginia. I have a ’13 Silverado I bought new and have been building since day 1. Check me out on IG @project_stormtrooped_z71 

  35. Heys guys, just joined and couldnt be happier to be with more people like myself. Live in Maryland so hmu, and i drive a 94′ Suburban which i see is new in TS. Can find me at local truck shows and cant wait to meet yall at the big meets! Thanks guys!Justin

  36. Thank you, I appreciate that, and 10/4, I followed you 

  37. Hey guys I am knew to team stance! I just joined names Alec Barlow go follow me on instagram @hamblow and I’ll follow back appreciate all team members thanks!  And if you have any tips that I need to know about team stance i would like to be informed on anything I need to know…or what happens since I join? What’s the positives of me joining? Thanks greatly appreciate information

    • Welcome onboard Alec!!! Join the facebook crew page and we will get you up to date!! Glad to have you and look me up on IG I’m @project__bane !! Hooah!

    • Glad to have you part of the team!! You’ll have a blast once you meet all the crew!! If you have any questions my insta is @jschreiber94 just shoot away!!

    • Welcome Braden,  my names Tristan and my instagrams re @trittwallace and @all_american_chevys so give me a follow bud

  38. Hey guys I just joined TS! I have a lifted 09 gmc 2500hd, I have 10″ of lift and I love in Maine where lifts are illegal! My truck is my pride and joy! I always try to be different with this build no matter how much it cost, I’m making it one of kind! My Instagram is @houlesamay14 , follow me and watch this normal truck completely transform for the better! Have a great day y’all! 

  39. Hey! So I finally joined team stance and I am stoked to be part of the crew. I’m 22 currently living in Titusville, FL. I drive the bright orange silverado that you guys may have been seeing around. Just thought I’d drop by here and introduce myself. My Instagram is roeboats_ I look forward to meeting and chatting with y’all!

  40. Hey guys, whats going on? Recently joined the team and got myself all introduced on facebook thought I’d post here too. My instagram is @project_tba. Cant figure out a decent name to it. :/ Follow me and I’ll return the favour. 

  41. What’s up guys I’m the newest member to join team stance. The names jason I’m 20 years old from denton, maryland I own a lifted 2004 dodge ram hemi sport. I’ve been looking to truck club where everyone looks at things things the way I do, like working hard for the things you have and respecting and having love for not just your truck but everyone else’s ride and I think I landed here to find and be part of your guys group and I’m proud to call myself a team stance member. Thank you be sure to follow my build and ask questions @jschreiber94

  42. Hey fellas! Newest crew member to TS. I’m 19 and from Sk, Canada. I ride in a 2009 F150, and have plans for this truck to go from street to stance. Thanks!

  43. What’s up Team Stance? My names Alec, I have recently joined and thought I’d introduce myself. I currently live in Alaska where I was born and raised. I have a 2007 Chevy Silverado LT with the 5.3L v8. I am excited to be a part of this and can’t wait to meet the rest of you and watch this crew grow! You can follow me on Instagram @alecteeter

  44. Hey Guys. The OLB Excursion is in the house..haha

  45. Whats up Team Stance! My name is Tristan i’m from Clover South Carolina. I just signed up a little while ago and would like to introduce myself a little bit. I drive a 1998 Chevy Silverado, this is my first vehicle and  i’m new to the truck world Feel free to follow me on Instagram @trittwallace or KiK me at trittwallace44. Glad to announce we now have 2 members from Clover South Carolina in Team Stance.

  46. Just wanted to quickly introduce myself, Tony from Maryland.  Looks like I’m the first MD member.  I have a new 2014 GMC Sierra SLE Z71 that I have been modifying non-stop since I bought it about 5 months ago.  Right now I’m waiting on my new Anthem Off-road wheels to finish up in production and get shipped to my door.  Excited to be part of Team Stance and meet other members who have a passion for trucks like me. 

    • Welcome on board bro keep us posted!

    • Tony where in MD you from?? Before I moved to Alaska I live in Frederick!! Used to have some good times rolling down market street checking out the good sights.

  47. Whats up Team. Im very me here. I just signed up about an hour ago by would like to introduce myself a little bit. I have a 2007 Chevy Avalanche, I currently reside in PA but I am originally from NY. Im new to the truck world, before my Avi I had a 2005 Ford Escape and that just was not cutting it for me. Feel free to follow me on Instagram @Project_Avalanche or KiK me Trucks_n_Tattoos. Looking foreword to being part of the team and hope to meet everyone soon.

    • Anthony have u requested the Facebook page yet.. Go find it so we can get u added…

    • Chris, Dakota, Jacob y’all are our newest members and have yet to join the Facebook build page… Go join so I can get y’all introduced to the team…

  48. New to the team! 2006 f150.. And I believe I’m the one and only Montana member! Rock on!!!!

  49. I wanna welcome Steven H. He is our newest member.. Steve when you see this go join the Facebook page!!!

  50. Welcome all you young gunners to the team!! Post up y’all’s trucks on the Facebook page pronto!! Always glad to make connections across the country with truck enthusiasts like myself! Rep yer stance!!!!! 

  51. Hey guys Kirk P just joined the team. Welcome him with open arms !! Kirk when u see this go join the FB build page and I can introduce u to the team bubba..

  52. I wanna welcome Carson to the team… As soon as u see this man go join the FB build page so I can introduce you to the team!!!

  53. I’d like to be the first to welcome @aaronhuff97 to Team Stance!! He’s got a bad ass chevy and I’m glad to have him around. Welcome brother and keep representing and recruiting for Team Stance!!! 

  54. Hey everybody I am happy to finally be apart of the team! I cant wait to see every bodies amazing trucks and how we incorporate different styles.  I know my truck may be basic in the truck community but I have big plans for my baby in the future and I plan to keep y’all posted on how she turns out!

  55. What’s up y’all!! Hope the weekend is a good one too ya! I’m up in Wisconsin for the weekend and people are LOVING the old ford up here! Take care brothers and sisters of stance!

  56. Hey Shawn get a hold of me. I only recieved 2 decals and the metal emblem. The shirt was not received. Please whoever is in charge of this email me.  Chrisfrench_1995@yahoo.com

  57. Sup everyone! I’m glad to be a part of the Team, and I finally got my build page started on FB. Hopefully I get some time to improve the ole Fords Stance soon!

    • Stephen welcome to the baddest group of rigs and people ever!! Super glad to have ya on the team and look forward to watching your project grow!! 

  58. Well got a buddy from work coming to join the crew here in the coming week and hopefully another buddy and guess what his ole lady too!! That’s right, so Jessica won’t be the only lady no more lol 

  59. What’s up y’all?? Hope you had a great Easter weekend with your families. So I’m looking for a good product for feather scratches that will also bring back the brightness of my black paint. Any ideas? Eventually I want to do a full paint job but with moving to FL soon I want my rig looking sharp to represent Team Stance as I roll in.  Thanks in advance yall!! 

  60. Hey guys! Happy Easter! Hope y’all are enjoying y’all selves! Just made the trip from corpus to Harlingen which is about a 2 and a half our drive. Just checking in with you guys and also. Welcome new members! Glad to have y’all apart of the team! Have a great Easter y’all! 

  61. Welcome all new team members to group. Glad to have y’all a bored on the best team ever. If y’all need anything don’t be afraid to ask. NO QUESTION IS A DUMB QUESTION. 

  62. What’s up TS! I’m out in Phoenix for all of Easter weekend repping my Team Stance Gear! Hope everyone is having a good Easter! I’m debating on what to do next on my F1 and I want the crews help.. Either a completely custom tube front bumper w/ skid plate & 2 40″ Light Bars (similar to an N-Fab but I’d rather build it myself ) OR Bilstein 5100’s in the front w/ 3″ ProComp Level & ProComp Add-A-Leaf in the back. Those are my two ideas for what to do next.. Help me out crew! Check out my TS Profile or my Instagram @Project_Regency so you can decide easier which one is the better option! And Remember… Your Style, Your STANCE. 

  63. What’s up team??? Hope everyone is doing well and has a good Easter.

  64. What’s up Team! I am glad to finally be a part of the stance community!  “Project_Deathmetal” is my build, I have a 2012 Toyota Tundra DC RW. Plans for my build include a 9″-10″ Lift with 37s and much more! I look forward to getting to know everyone and following all the builds. Thanks!

  65. Team Stance! What is up? I finally joined I needed a few weeks to get some money. Y’all look at my truck and tell me what you think. What might make it look better. Follow my build on Instagram @cj_french and my truck page @chevyoffroading 

  66. Happy Friday y’all! What’s my crew up to this weekend?! Any mods goin in y’all’s trucks? I’m plastidipping items and ordering metal so I can start on this 4-link!

  67. Hey guysi am real new to the crew and wanted to say hello.  I live and breath my truck and I am glad to be a part of a group who understands my passion.  Every one of you give me added push to make my rig  a little better!   Now, I really can’t wait to get that TS badge to show everybody just what can be done when you are willing to put a little effort into something!

    • Welcome to the baddest, fastest growing group of trucks! (Oh yeah and people too lol) looking forward to seeing your progress on your rig bro!

  68. How’s all the TS guys doing? Haven’t been on in a while, crazy work schedule. What’s the latest mod to your build!

  69. Sorry guys haven’t been on. Been working a lot and recruiting more members. Trying to build Texas up. I like to welcome all new members to the best TEAM and family ever. If y’all need anything or help dont be afraid to ask. Were all here to help . 

  70. Hey guys I’m checking in!! I see a lot of TS emblems on the members map but have only met a few on the FB build page. I can think of three names  that have recently joined and not added themselves to the build page.. Remeber we are always looking for new sponsored crew members but u have to show us u diserve it. That doesn’t mean having a badass ride. It’s much more than that. If you have joined the team go to the FB build page and add urselves so I can get u in and introduced…for those guys following this site and have attempted to Join the FB page!! Make the plunge and join here first so I can add U.. The benefits are overwhelming and just keep coming in!!! 

    • Hi Rick. I’m think we’ve met but if not I’m Jerome or better yet I’m @project_viper lol. Hope your good bud it’s been slow on this thread lately but ya know how it goes. I’m still as pumped as ever. If all goes well I’ll be ordering something special today to I hope get it here next week. Shhhhh it’s a secret lol. The H3T looks like she’s coming along awesome I’m interested to see what you come up with for your trailer you got. Aight later bro!!! 

    • You got me here and I must say I am impressed with the trucks and even more the guys!  New shocks for up front are coming in today.   I love you are building your T with the lift and I am building mine to sit as low as I can  but level to show everyone there is many options and still have a off road beast!  Thanks for the push to get in, now look the hell out because now I am on a mission.

  71. How’s my stance family doing? I’ve been very busy and haven’t had time on my hands this weekend 

  72. So looks like I am forced to buy new rubber sooner than later.  I was going over my rig today and noticed that my rear tires were pretty wore out and I looked a little closer the pass side rear was down to the tread bars yikes!! Gunna talk to some local guys tomorrow and get some pricing for some fairly decent but basic tires till I can get to FL and get what I really want!! Other than that if you haven’t seen I added a leaf spring helper system last night and then took it out and flexed it a little have to say for a simple piece of metal they sure helped with load capacity.  Hope y’all enjoyed your weekend.

  73. What’s up Team Stance???? It’s been a few days with little activity over here so I had to check in with everyone. I’ve been sluggish the last couple days with working 12+ hours in the Alaskan weather, it sucks we have had it all from snow to sun. Hope y’all is well and motivated as always!!!!

  74. What are some good brackets that will fit a 50inch curve light bar? I did some research and trying to see what anyone on here are running and is happy with?

  75. What’s up what’s up Team Stance????? It’s 2am here where I am and of course I could be asleep tonight but nah my body has a different plan than I do. So here I am writing this and thinking to myself, does anyone actually apply for sponsorships or have you fully funded every single little thing on your rigs?  I personally have funded everything up until yesterday when I struck a deal with Scrubblade for their innovative blades.  I ask because if people are still opting to apply for sponsorships then I’d like to talk to you about how and what you do when you are applying. Here’s one for the Sponsored Crew members and I’m sure I’m going to be told go blow smoke but what’s the difference between standard crew and sponsored crew? Just was thinking about it at the ole dark thirty am while trying to decide to go back to sleep or now. Have a great Tuesday. 

    • Haha I’m headed to work now, but, I’m in the same boat as you. I’ve paid for every modification/repair on the old ford up until recently. There’s a shop in Chicago that sponsored all of my rigid lights. King is another company I’ve been waitin to hear from as well as Wet Sounds and Mothers. I’ve applied to both big name companies and the small guys. The new small guys will be more likely to hop on with ya but ya gotta be willing and trusting of their products, some are really worth the sponsorship and some jus sell junk. The bigger companies take more time and more luck than anything. If ya know someone in the company that helps out a bunch. You gotta realize that you’re not the only guy out there wantin a sponsorship from American Force or of the like so there’s going to be a waiting period. As far as applying, you gotta be in contact the sales and advertising people. Have a list of stuff you want and stuff you have done to your truck already. Having a rendering of your project has many bonuses and many companies like that (King loved my rendering). Be honest and cooperate as much as ya can. That’s my advice. 

      • Sorry y’all Rick’s comment takes the cake!! 

      • What I ment to say was!!! I have had my rig about 3 yrs now and because it’s rare parts have tripled in price, and new company’s won’t build because there is not a big market.. I have built everything on my truck from the roof rack, sliders, steps, seat covers, and custom door panels and dash covers!! I have saved a crap tone of money by DIY!! I just started picking up sponsors this month and am at 5… You need to be able to show them a product either now or future and show them what u can do for there company!!!

        • Rick you know me just had to give ya crap for leaving a blank comment. Lol. I hear ya it looks like when I get to FL I will try and learn to weld and if I figure that out make my own gear cause hell it’s more awesome to say fuck yeah I made that than it is to say I bought that from so and so. The biggest thing for me really is to build a priority list for what I want to do and how I want to do it. I have so many ideas running around on the hampster wheel that I’ll never get moving in the right direction if I don’t decide. It’s like I know I want and need new wheels and tires and that’s first up just a pain in the ass when you live places where shipping cost almost as much as the package itself or the shipping companies have a hard time sourcing it. After that I want to get some LED’s and new head and tail lights. Then who knows.  It would be nice if I could draw because I would do up some renderings of my rig and use them for both sponsorship and a way to keep track. Thanks though you guys are full of freaking awesome information. 

          • I agree with Rick as well, If ya got the time, patience, and resources, making your stuff is a great way to add that “one off” flare. I can’t go and build a coilover shock, but I can build the 4-link bars, make the subframe, and all the mounts. If you got the vision and the drive/support, you can make anything. WE GOT YOU BRO!

    • Man I wish there was places around here hell I’ve played for everything on my truck lol there just isn’t places around here that has stuff for my truck. 

    • Its just really hard to find sponsores when there aren’t any shops near you was all I was sayin. Its pretty tough working 10 hours a day at the job then work in about 5 or 6 more at the farm at the house. I just like doin stuff to my truck lil by lil. Thinkin of gettin rid of the Rockstars here shortly and changing the rim tire setup. Would like to get a light bar and train horns just don’t have the funds right now. Supposed to he getting my 4.88s put in this week. (Fingers crossed!!!!)

  76. Just joined this morning! What’s going on guys?

  77. Well y’all it’s Monday. Hope ya had a great weekend and that the work week goes smooth for ya! Have a good one!

  78. What’s sup Team Stance!!! Where’s our wheel experts at? I’m looking at some wheels but can’t seem to find out if they come in the lug pattern that I need (5×5.5). I’m looking Tuff TO1 wheels. I’m looking at the 20×9 size with 33×12.50×20 Federal Couragia MT. Any ideas or opinion would be good. 

    • Yea, order the 5×139.7 bolt pattern to fit the 06 ram 1500

      • Jimmy what do you think of the combo? Like is it worthy of going for or am I better going with a bigger named wheel/tire combo? 

    • Jerome, when you order through us (CustomOffsets.com) we will figure out bolt pattern you just find a wheel you like, remind me what your suspension is and the look you want and we will set you up man!

      • Shawn thanks bud.  Here enlies my problem, shipping lol.  I know in town here I can buy and get it here for about $500 more than customoffsets but it’s not from customoffsets.  Only bad part of living in Alaska is shipping is stupid crazy.  The suspension I am currently running is RS9000XL shocks on the rear with stock leafs and no blocks up from I’m running the Rancho QuickLift loaded struts which levels it out most of the way I there there is about 1/4-1/2 inch of rake still but eventually if I can get it either sponsored or funded I want to do a BDS 6″ kit. But the here and now is I want to increase the sizes I have to give me a better stance and I was looking at like a 0–12 offset.  Thanks Shawn! Your like the God Father and Dog Father. Lol 

        • Email us at sales@customoffsets.com and ask Jon how much to ship the setup you have in mind. We can ship all the way to Hawaii for less than $500! I have a feeling we can beat your local price. 

          • I know when I looked up the package on customoffsets.com it was much cheaper than everything by like 600 or so.  I’ll email the man tonight and chat with him Monday when he works. Again thanks for your help Shawn! 

          • Just sent Jon an email and will be talking to my boss on Wednesday about maybe fronting me the money so I can get some stance on my rig.  Haters are really starting to fuel this build for me and they are starting to piss me off with some of their crap comments on IG.  Fingers crossed price is good and boss fronts the cash so I can order up.  Thanks again everyone at Team Stance for supporting eachother and not being judgemental. 

  79. Hey everyone im a new member my name is Brandon.

    • Welcome aboard bubba.. As soon as get an oppurtunity request to join the Facebook build page and I will get u added.. 

      • Iv already joined the Facebook page and once I finish my bumpers and get them put on ill take some pics

    • Hey Brandon! Check your email Ben has gotten back to you on your password issue. Also I sent you an email to add some pics to your gallery page, once you do it should automatically appear in the Crew Member gallery. Let me know if you need any help.

  80. Ok can’t decide what to do next. Either order new 37″ mud graps or custom grille with led bars top and bottom.Or should I go ahead and make my truck legal so I can pass emissions here since I did just get a ticket the other night for expired tags(expired in September) whoops!!  Decisions decisions

    • Order tires and grill from CustomOffsets.com and the hell with emissions… #nobiashere

      • I was thinking the same thing but tags are tied to registration and it’s expired too!! 

      • I looked last night on the site a didn’t see any link for tire,did for wheels though. And no grilles fit my truck

        • Chris what year/make/model grille you looking for I’ll talk to Forge for you this week when i go up there.

          • 08 ford f150. I’m looking to get one made with light bars top and bottom(largest possible) and a TeamStance logo in the center

  81. One more quick post.. if everyone could edit their user names on their galleries to include your names as well as your instagram or project name it would make life alot easier for our admins to figure out who is and isnt a member when they’re going through the list of people asking to join the crew facebook page. Thank you! And welcome to any of the new members i havent had the chance to talk to yet.. as ive said before if any of you have any issues, comments, concerns or just questions about team stance in general please feel free to reach out to me on here or Facebook, Instagram (@project_sinister) or on kik (@jkruz001) Shawn’s extremely busy between Team Stance, Custom Offsets as well as his “real job” so i try to handle as much of the TS traffic as i can for him! Thanks again and welcome to the team!!!

    • Yeah sorry about that this morning I can see where the confusion is on that lol. 

    • Ok can’t decide what to do next. Either order new 37″ mud graps or custom grille with led bars top and bottom.Or should I go ahead and make my truck legal so I can pass emissions here since I did just get a ticket the other night for expired tags(expired in September) whoops!!  Decisions decisions

  82. That last post was not supposed to be a reply to Mandos post.. oops lol

  83. Need lil help guys. Can’t decide whether to do red or green. My truck is already all blocked out. I just wanna put some color to stand it out. My little girl wants me to do pink not too sure. Lol  any thoughts?

    • I guess it depends on the tone of each color. I’m personally going all black with accents of NYC fire engine red. Green looks sick if it’s the right color. We have one team member with some green in his wheels and it looks just right for his build but being all blacked out if I were you I wouldn’t go bright maybe a little bright than forest green. Either way bro it’ll be sick as all get out!! 

    • Red in general will be more subtle than green. I personally like red!

    • Unless your really in love with red i would go with a different color.. theres so many black/red trucks out there.. its gonna end up just blending in with the rest.. just MHO

    • Woah the page is backwards and i dont have to type “steam” anymore i like it 😀

    • I think I’m gunna go with pink for my daughters and plus I will be supporting pink ninjas and a good cause. Plus it will give TS a good rep.  

  84. Hey y’all jus joinin up finally. Been busy these past weeks and have completely neglected all the horses in the stable. Show season is coming up! Whens y’alls first car/truck show in your area? 

    • Derek welcome brother!! I wish there were car shows in my area but I live on an island in Alaska lol. Moving to FL this summer and driving to whole distance so it’ll be an awesome advertisement for Team Stance and a chance for me to show off Project_Viper with some new wheels and sneakers. 

      • Thanks for the welcome! Sounds like you it quite the awesome opportunity ahead of ya! Keep that ol viper of yours shinin man! 

    • Welcome to the team!!! I got u added to the FB page. Don’t forget to start ur build on there and to contiue to add onto it so we can watch ur progress…

      • Rick! Thanks man! I’ll be sure to keep y’all posted, the old ford prob won’t see a lot of early summer shows, lots of work goin into it these next few months. I’ll be sure to keep y’all posted on that truck, the bronco, and the Titan!

  85. Looking awesome Shawn!! Also just sent you an actual email!  What’s the material on those? The neosupreme? 

  86. What’s up Team Stance?!?!  Hope everyone is having an awesome Friday enjoying the spring (idk what that is I live in Alaska) and getting ready for all the spring and summer truck shows. What better way at those shows to rep Team Stance than with a new pair of kicks and not for your truck but rather your feet. If y’all haven’t seen the photo head to the Crew Build page on Facebook and check it out. I am talking to them now to find out if they can do a visual mock up of the shoes for us to look at and decide if ya like them or not. I will let you all know when I have some answers. 

  87. Sorry guys every time I try to post a pic and then I write something below it it never post the pic so some of my post don’t make sense…on another note glad to see we have some new members that joined

  88. team stance decals finally came in today

  89. Whats up guys.. just joined.. happy to be apart of the team with all you guys!!

    • Welcome bubba. We are glad u joined the team.. Every sponsored member is here for u so if u have issues, questions, and anything please don’t hesitate!!!

    • Welcome Bossofthesix! Glad to have ya here at Team Stance!! Keep up the great work and reppin what we are all about “your style, YOUR STANCE” 

  90. I’ve been working all day so I want to say hello and welcome to the couple of guys that posted today!! Brandon, GMando, regency and anyone else I might of missed.. GLAD to have y’all here..

  91. Stoked to be a part of Team Stance! Its awesome that we can all communicate like this and be a crew. Some of the sickest self-sponsored builds in the game on this team! Cant wait to get my gear in the mail!

  92. Just wanna say What’s up Team. Glad to be apart or the crew. 

  93. Just wanted to say, Whats up errrrbody??? lol 🙂

  94. Mine is set up to tough_trucks not my personal robert_fair

  95. @project_sinisterYou can also find most of the IG names in the galleries with each members truck.. And im going to stay outta the “build cost” convo for now.. yall would prolly shit if you knew what i have invested in this beast.. ill just leave it to your imaginations.. good night

  96. Ya for some reason I can’t get it to post 

  97. I was thinking on the pic above having a rap made with a black outline and have all the inside cut out so have the blue of the truck with the color of the lettering any ideas or thoughts?

    • Ryan bud there wasn’t a pic or link above! I was thinking for myself the top banner that has the start and Team Stance with the “your style your stance” quote under it as a perfect tailgate wrap! Would love to hear ideas on that. 

  98. @robert_fair @tough_trucks and @showtimestance   I have no life 

  99. Does everyone have Instagram on here mines coote90 I’d like to make alittle video of everyone’s builds and put it on Instagram and Facebook 

  100. @Robert I’ve got plans and as they become financed (story of any build) they will start coming. First up wheels and tires and this could happen before the end of April thanks to a new job! 

    • Heck yea bud. With ever truck build follows a broke wallet 

      • You ain’t lying

        • Hahahaha life is hard in the build world

          • It dont get any easier either.. trust me ive been building mine for 2 years now.. and this is her second full makeover.. 3rd set of wheels.. 4th set of tires.. second grille, wrap, light bars, bumper.. 

        • I know how you feel. Soon will have the 5th set of rims I think I’ll have to look back through pics haha but it’s awesome to do 

          • Hahaha at least if ya needed to you could sell off the old parts to find the new hahaha. 

    • I can only imagine guys. I sat down one day and put a ball park figure in my head that to get it to where I want it I’m looking at around 8-10k (need new motor someday 140k and still going but would be nice to have a new one with all the other new stuff lol) I’m glad y’all opened Team Stance to guys like me cause it gives me builds and guys to look up to (or down to if your short lol) and gives me a groups of real people to bounce my ideas off! 

      • Right now mine is at 4k haha and man we more then happy to have you and team stance stays together 

      • I’m the short one here lol… Man I can’t we talk about build money going on almost 3 yrs. good thing tho is that I built almost everything myself so it has saved me a fortune…

  101. Click little picture icon. Follow instructions @Robert

  102. How do I post a pic 

  103. I agree. ASAP 

  104. Better be more then 21.. theres 21 sponsored members.. we need to get the rest of the OGs and the Sponsored Crew on this site ASAP… 

    • Jimmy JS – got to get em on it… 

      • We’re workin on it.. still working out some bugs too so its a little slow.. this is a huge site and its going to blow up fast so we need to get it running smooth as possible quickly

  105. Lol y’all crack me up.. I see some more new guys have been added to the crew! We are at what 21 total!! Most have met Jerome D now.. (Long Story) but if new please introduce urself, if we are goin to be a crew then let’s act like it lol..

    • What’s that supposed to mean Rick??? Lol 

      • Jerome I been talking to u on IG and never put two n two together that u were a member until to night.. Needless to say when ur name is brought up between sponsors it’s a good thing. Keep up the good work and stay motivated bubba!!!

        • Thank Rick!! I’m super motivated and with a project that has only just begun the motivation won’t die anytime soon. Might slack for a few weeks in July while I move to FL from AK but believe me when I get there I will be back on top of everything!! 

  106. Rick don’t know one let me get by easy anymore 

  107. Hell, awesomeness takes time hahah

  108. Who’s all set and ready for Indy?

  109. I’d like to do some advertising for the crew anyone have any ideas? 

    • Hey Ryan all depends on how u want to advertise! Is it buisness, FB, Instagram, website, or any other social media? You can check out the IG page for teamstancecrew and or other sponsored members to get an idea on how they sponsored the team and/or showed love for the website… Ur stance ur style bubba.. If u have an Idea run with it…

    • Ryan, touching on what Rick was saying what are you looking to do? You just want to promote the team, hype it up and get people excited about it? Or are you looking more towards the branding side of things? Running the team logo on the truck wearing the gear, that type of stuff will get people asking questions and be a big help for the team as well. 

      • I was definitely gonna put the logo on my truck and put pictures of our crew on FB and IG and how we are as a crew and what were about. I just wanted to get our name out there as much I can just to show what were exactly about. I wasjust trying   to get any other ideas  on how else I can get the word about us.  Thanks Rick and Jim.

        • Since Team Stance is built and run by it’s members we are always thinking up new ways Ryan! We are getting a couple banners made for truck shows! Some of the guys have embroidered their seats, made custom decals, etched their headlights, wraps are in the works, you name it – we should do it!! Brand is best created by those that live it!

  110. I’d like to welcome all the new members to the team as well! Also would like to extend a hand to any new members with any questions or concerns you might have please feel free to reach out to me here, on facebook or instagram(@project_sinister), or you can usually catch me on KIK(@jkruz001) too. With everything going on with TeamStance as well as CustomOffsets I’ve done my best to be available to all members just to take some of the weight off Shawn’s shoulders. Can’t wait to see some of y’all at some shows this year, hopefully there will be a few of you that can make it out to Ohio next month with myself and The Dogfather and get this show season started off right!!! 

    • Thanks Project Sinister!! I will be following you on IG in a couple minutes if I’m not already following!  I can’t wait till I have an extra chunk of change laying around to get my wheels and tires and set the stance on Project Viper just right (maybe this weekend pending an interview tomorrow)!!!!!

      • No problem man! Glad to have ya with the team! Don’t mind her current pics she’s still underconstruction got some major changes still coming this month! 😉

        • Oh I know about all the changes to come lol!! Mines fairly stock right now but in due time should be a great finished product if there is such a thing as finished lol! First things first is getting the wheels and tires upgraded for a better stance and a bit of extra height! 

          • Unfortunately no.. a build is never finished lol.. i mean even when you think youre done youre not.. example, full face lift on mine in less then a year hahaha 

        • Hey question for ya! What offset you running? I’m looking at -1 but not really sure what it would look like kinda don’t want to have em way out but want em out a little bit you know what I’m saying? Thanks bud!! 

          • Currently im running a -13, they dont stick out at all because of the glass fenders n bedsides, but ive got -76 on the way

        • I wonder what a -1 on stock fenders would look like. I was told a -10-12 would probably be out around an inch or so. Guess I’m gunna go with the guy and think a -1 would be a nice little increase to stock which is a +43 who does that to a truck!!! 

          • Lol most stock offsets are super positive! A 0 or -1 will be stick out a little but not much maybe about an inch or so

  111. Welcome Team Stance Crew and Team Stance Sponsored Crew!! First and foremost I wanted to thank you all for having an idea to create this awesome CREW!  I’m fairly new to the game of customization and am fairly slow at it but it’s a learning process. I’ve done all my own work so far and plan to do as much of my own work going forward with my build. Shawn the map rocks but I’m trying to recruit people in my area cause I feel alone on the map way up in Alaska.  I thank you all again new and old members for being an inspiration and giving me the opportunity to be part of a team of like minded people!!! 

    • Jerome, sounds like you will be a perfect fit!! Keep active and keep your build page growing and we will all help where we can! We have rookies through SEMA veterans!! You see our collar idea? $12 on eBay and we are hanging them from our rear view mirrors!! 

      • I didn’t see that idea but I like it!! 

      • Shawn you funny man!! Why would be be using eBay when we have this all set up. Have to tell ya first fools joke in years I’ve fallen on. My excuse today is it’s only 8am in Alaska. Lol

        • It’s not our collar on eBay. They are only $12 shipped. So it’s crazy for me to buy them, ship them to me, then ship them to you and now I have to charge $20 just to break even :\

          • Ahhh ok maybe send me a link to see. Also may have just come into some extra income if so the stand of project_viper will finally improve!! 

  112. Yeah I would be down for some trucker hats and heck maybe a flatbill (for whoever) lol. I just wanna welcome everyoe as well!!!!! Can’t wait to see what all TS has instore!!! I’m in it for the long haul!!!!! Taking over the world one truck as a time. You all can contact me Any time and I will try to my best to answer youe questions or I will point you to someone that will!!!

  113. Any thought to TeamStance trucker style hats?

    • You guys got skills to mock one up? I can get anything made!! To share a picture just copy the picture and paste in the comment box.
      Custom Offsets Trucker Hat

  114. whats up y’all can’t wait to see whats in store but like rick said if u have any questions or issues let us know! can’t wait to see the most active members !

  115. I wanna welcome all new team members to the site.. I’m excited to see what all y’all have In store for ur rigs.. I will also be watching for the most active members to determine who the next sponsored crew member might could be.. If u have any questions or issues don’t hesitate to hit me up.. And YES Shawn te map is badass!!!

  116. I heard members saying they wanted a hat so I dropped the price to cost since we are a small crew now, so grab one now if you want one ya’all. http://www.teamstance.com/ts-gear/209/team-stance-flex-fit-logo-hats

  117. Hey everyone, thought we would add a general discussion page to talk about what’s going on. If you are having any issues logging in, or not seeing your truck or general site questions just email us at team@teamstance.com it’s the easiest way for us to work on those issues.

    What do you all think of the sit so far? Most of the ideas came from the Sponsored crew! How about the map above the crew builds, pretty bad ass, right?!!

    • What’s up team 

      • Hey guys, I’m so stoked to be apart of this great team! My name is Braden Warner and I live in Texarkana,Arkansas. I’m ready to continue my build on my 08 Silverado with you guys! My IG name is @Project_KnightRider, y’all make sure to follow me and I’ll definitely follow back! Looking forward to seeing all of y’all’s build.

        • Welcome on board Braden! Finally someone local to hang with besides Rick! Glad to have ya and follow @Project__Bane on IG!

        • Welcome Braden,  my names Tristan and my instagrams re @trittwallace and @all_american_chevys so give me a follow bud