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– Andrew Paradis of Team Stance

Mod of the week 8-5-14

– Corey Pickard of Team Stance


08-05-14 cat eye 9

08-05-14 cat eye 8

Tear down

08-05-14 cat eye 7

Build up

08-05-14 cat eye 5

08-05-14 cat eye 6

08-05-14 cat eye 4

08-05-14 cat eye 3

To do a cat eye swap front end you will need to remove the hood fenders grill headlights inner head light mounting bracket and bumper. Once we had the parts we test fit them and then prep started with blocking the hood and fenders getting them ready for paint. Once sprayed and baked in the oven for the curing time we went ahead and started hanging the fenders making sure the door gap was even then installed the hood. Once the hood was aligned and the fenders were lined up it was time for the inner headlight brackets which are only a couple bolts. Then came the fitment and alignment of the headlights. They are held in with pins that fit thru a bracket system. Then came the grill which clips in place and then secured by small bolts. Since the bumpers were different and I had a Addictive Dessert Designs Baja style front bumper sitting in my garage from a past truck u put it on which attaches to the frame with 4 large bolts.

And here she is!!

08-05-14 cat eye 1

08-05-14 cat eye 2

Mod of the week 7-25-14

– AJ Logan of Team Stance

halo green far away

-Paint scheme was what I asked for
-Clean paint job (no runs or splotches)
-Halos are really bright but have the option to be turned down
-Halos also have many color options and settings
-Silicone job was done very cleanly and haven’t had any fogging issues yet
-A second sealant (Flex Seal) was used over the silicone to guarantee that it didn’t leak
-Albert is a great guy to deal with and willing to work with the customer

-First thing that I noticed was drill/dremel marks to cut out a hole for the halos. It was only noticeable on the driver’s side turn signal halo because he covered it with silicone on the passenger side to make it less noticeable.
-The halo kit is pretty cheap. The wiring doesn’t come complete. You have to wire up the power and ground where as most kits would have a complete harness.
-All the wires in the harness are white. Anyone that is installing this kit on their truck is going to want to hide these wires. Why wouldn’t they be black?
-The prongs on the wiring harness are flimsy and seem like they could easily break or pull out.
-The biggest downfall of the kit is the remote. The remote is the only way to turn the halos on and pick a color/pattern. It uses an infrared system similar to a TV remote. I hid the sensor in my grille. There isn’t a lot of options where it can go due to the wire only being about 6″ long. Another reason that infrared sucks is because it can’t have any light on the sensor to pick up the signal. In the daytime, I have to be within probably 3-4 feet of my sensor in the front of my truck. At night, the range probably increases to 6-8 feet away.

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